Nunavummiut Makitagunarningit (Makita) Website Launch

May 8, 2012

Nunavummiut Makitagunarningit (Makita) today launched its website,

Makita was formed in November 2009 to encourage public debate on the wisdom of opening Nunavut to uranium mining– (see: Nunavut_MLAs_Pressed_for_Public_Inquiry_on_Uranium_Mining)

This website will be used to provide information about uranium mining, the Nunavut Impact Review Board (NIRB)’s assessment of AREVA Resources Canada Inc.’s Kiggavik proposal, and the activities of Makita.

We will address both the issues under review by NIRB and issues which NIRB has said it will not address — such as the possible end uses of uranium mined in Nunavut. We will focus on the issue of greatest concern to our members and to other community residents: the threat to caribou from the impact that this mine would have AND the ‘cumulative effects’ that would result from the development of other uranium mines in the region, the “experimental” storage of radioactive waste on permafrost, etc.

Last Friday (May 4) the NIRB announced that AREVA’s revised Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) submission had passed ‘guideline conformity review’ — and was being released for public technical review.

If you look at NIRB’s Review Process Map and Anticipated Timeline for the Kiggavik Project you will see that the process is now mid-way down the first page (see the grey box on the left marked ‘May 4, 2012’).

Parties now have one month in which to submit Information Requests (IRs) to NIRB.

Makita is providing a wealth of information on our website – even a user-friendly web interface to AREVA’s DEIS files on NIRB’s ftp site.

We will be making a great deal more information available, including critiques of AREVA’s DEIS and a plain-language explanation of the NIRB process as it progresses.

Check the website regularly for new posts, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter (!/MakitaNunavut).


About makitanunavut

Nunavummiut Makitagunarningit (Makita) is a Nunavut-based non-governmental organization. Made up of members from Baker Lake and Iqaluit, Makita is dedicated to fostering a critical public discussion about uranium mining in Nunavut.
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