Nunavut Impact Review Board concerned AREVA is delaying environmental review and omitting Information Requests

On September 20, the Nunavut Impact Review Board (NIRB) responded to AREVA’s indication that it will take until January of 2013 to respond to Information Requests. In the letter, the NIRB expressed concern that AREVA is delaying the environmental review process and that AREVA intends to omit an unspecified number of Information Requests.

“The Board notes that AREVA took approximately 7 months following the issuance of  EIS Guidelines to develop and submit its Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) to the  NIRB, followed by an additional 3 months to revise and re-submit  the  DEIS.  AREVA now intends to take an additional 7 months to formulate its responses, while clearly indicating that it does not intend to respond to a number of IRs that it believes should be omitted or deferred.

Recognizing that the NIRB previously issued comprehensive guidelines to AREVA for the development of its DEIS, as well as additional direction on information expectations prior to accepting the DEIS submission, the Board is concerned that AREVA is planning to take an exceptional amount of time to prepare responses to IRs, while also planning to omit and defer an unspecified number of responses.”

The letter later added, “The Board cautions AREVA that sufficiently detailed IR responses are required to facilitate the efforts of all parties participating in the Review process.”

The NIRB’s letter to AREVA can be accessed here.

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