About Makita

caribou logoNunavummiut Makitagunarningit (Makita) is not part of the government, is not affiliated with any Inuit representative organization, and is not tied to the mining industry.  We are an independent, non-governmental organization – a ‘public interest group’ of concerned Nunavummiut who want to make sure that there is a source of accurate information on uranium issues available to Inuit beneficiaries of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement, and to the Nunavut public at large.

We are an incorporated not-for-profit society founded in 2009. A major component of our work currently consists of our role as an intervenor group in the Nunavut Impact Review Board’s review of AREVA’s Kiggavik proposal to mine uranium west of the community of Qamani’tuaq (Baker Lake), Nunavut. In addition to our work related to the assessment of AREVA’s proposal, we participated in the Government of Nunavut’s public forum on uranium mining in 2011 and have helped disseminate unbiased and independent information about uranium to Nunavummiut in a variety of ways.

The objectives of the society are:

  • To promote public awareness of the cumulative social, environmental and health impacts of uranium, uranium exploration, mining and development in the Territory of Nunavut.
  • To conduct scientific and community research, and promote community consultation and involvement in uranium issues in Nunavut.
  • Public legal education in the laws of Nunavut and Canada related to uranium development.
  • Promotion of Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit in decision-making about uranium development in Nunavut, in particular:

o Papattiniq (the obligation of guardianship or stewardship that a person may owe in relation to something that does not belong to the person);

o   Piliriqatigiingni (people must work together in harmony to achieve a common purpose);

o Avatimik Kamattiarniq (people are stewards of the environment and must treat all nature holistically and with respect, as humans, wildlife and habitat are inter-connected); and,

o Qanuqtuurunnarniq (the ability to be creative and flexible and to improvise with whatever is at hand to achieve a purpose or solve a problem).

  • To protect and enhance the environmental, health, social and harvesting rights of beneficiaries under the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement from the impacts of uranium development.
  • To protect the ecological environment of Nunavut from adverse impacts of uranium development by promoting an ecological approach.
  • To promote accountability and transparency from public institutions and beneficiary organizations in managing uranium development in Nunavut.
  • To protect women, children, hunters and other persons who are particularly vulnerable to uranium development impacts.
  • To ensure beneficiaries are consulted in a meaningful and participatory way by Inuit organizations and government on the creation or continuation of uranium policies.
  • To ensure that all Nunavummiut are accorded a meaningful forum to participate in public debate on uranium development in Nunavut.

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