Tracking AREVA Across the Globe

These following documents deal with AREVA’s activities globally. Makita believes that Nunavummiut have the right to know what sorts of actions AREVA takes globally, what sort of politicians they support and what impacts their mines and reactors have had on people worldwide.

Left: Barry McCallum, Manager, Nunavut Affairs, AREVA Resources Canada Inc.
Centre: Gordon MacKay, Assistant Deputy Minister, Economic Development, Government of Nunavut
Right: Tom Hoefer, Executive Director, NWT & Nunavut Chamber of Mines

There is so much more to AREVA than what the smiling faces at the company’s Information Office in Baker Lake let on!


For instance, a colleague of Makita’s in Europe writes:

— The value of AREVA shares have declined 83% (!) since 2007.

— AREVA reported a huge financial loss in 2011: € 2.4 billion, on revenue of approx. € 8.4 billion.

— Their credit rating (“stand alone rating”) is VERY bad, one notch away from “junk paper”.

— Only the fact that they are a largely (82%) state-owned company keeps their overall credit rating somewhat “up”.

— However, they obviously have difficulties getting loans from banks. This may one of the reasons why some of their new uranium projects are not going ahead as originally planned.


AREVA’s corporate structure is detailed at

See ‘Who is AREVA?’ on page 2 of the flyer ‘Who is Constellation Energy Consorting With? Get to know Électricité de France (EDF) and AREVA’ prepared by the Chesapeake Safe Energy Coalition in 2009:

A collection of older stories about the impact of AREVA’s mines on human rights in Niger [Beyond Nuclear]:

There’s a new book out on AREVA’s operations in Africa, but so far it’s only available in French: see ‘L’épopée d’Areva en Afrique – Sortie du Dossier Noir n°24’ at A four-page English press release, ‘The Saga of Areva in Africa – Release of Black Dossier No. 24: The hidden face of French nuclear energy’ is available at

Prof. Gabrielle Hecht of the University of Michigan has written two important books, and An excerpt of her latest book, ‘Being Nuclear: Africans and the Global Uranium Trade’ is at


AREVA in the news (in reverse chronological order):

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2012 June 1: ABC News: Kakadu victory as uranium mining battle ends: Australian Aboriginal land owner wins battle against a proposal by AREVA to mine uranium in his homeland.

2012 May 30: HAARETZ: Jordanian Parliament Votes to Suspend Nuclear Power Program: Includes a suspension of mining agreement with AREVA:

2012 March 23: Bloomberg: China National Nuclear in Talks With Areva on Uranium Stakes:

2012 March 11: Reuters: Areva’s head of mining resigns over Uramin: French nuclear group Areva’s head of mining has resigned over his controversial role in the commissioning of a private report over the company’s 2007 takeover of uranium explorer Uramin for some $2.5 billion – most of which has since had to be written off:

2012 March 9: Al Jazeera: Collateral damage from Fukushima hits Europe:

2012 February 29: Bloomberg: Court Denies Lauvergeon Bid to Probe of Areva UraMin Inquiry:

2012 February 14: French Nuclear Anxieties Soar After Fukushima:

2012 February 1: Reuters: France must extend lifespan of existing nuclear reactors – audit: The French Court of Audit published a report Tuesday recommending the country extend the lifespan of existing nuclear reactors as “there are few choices left”:

2012 January 25: Reuters: Failed deal and spying claims haunt France’s Areva:

2012 January 17: Bloomberg: AREVA Ex-Chief Lauvergeon Says She Was ‘Slandered, Spied Upon’:

2012 February 11: La Presse: Uranium: une minière d’ici au coeur d’un scandale en France:

2011 December 25: Inter Press Service: Collateral Damage From Fukushima Hits Europe:

2011 December 13: Agence France-Presse: French nuke giant Areva suspends investment in sites:

2011 December 11: BBC: France nuclear giant to announce big loss – minister:

2011 November 11: Nuclear Monitor: AREVA: Layoffs and Restructuring:

2011 June 7: Al Jazeera: The great land grab: India’s war on farmers:

2011 April 29: Inter Press Service: Fukushima Won’t Stop World’s Largest Nuclear Facility:

2011 April 27: Business Today: Govt pushes ahead with Jaitapur nuclear project, promises more safety:

2011 April 7: Global Post: India’s nuclear nightmare? Critics say India is woefully unprepared to handle the world’s largest nuclear plant:

2011 April 6: Bloomberg: Areva’s German Offices Raided by Prosecutors in Bribery Probe:

2011 April 3: Business Today: Cold war at Jaitapur: Villagers worry over mode of living:

2011 April 1: Business Today: Japan N-blasts trigger Jaitapur safety worries:

2011 March 28: Outlook India: A megawatts-hungry India toys callously with nuclear danger: (“Commerzbank, the German bank backing the project, pulled out even before the Japanese crisis, citing the “sustainability and reputational risk” involved.”)

2011 March 19: India Today: India a nuclear time bomb?

2011 March 17: Business Today: Villagers protest against Jaitapur nuclear plant:

2011 March 17: Daily News & Analysis: Why should Jaitapur be made a guinea pig for untested reactor?

2011 February 4: The Guardian (London): The truth behind India’s nuclear renaissance: Jaitapur’s French-built nuclear plant is a disaster in waiting, jeopardising biodiversity and local livelihoods:

2010 October 15: The Guardian (London): Niger’s uranium mining carries on despite al-Qaida kidnappings: Niger keen to reassure foreign mining interests and maintain a vital export:

2010 June 29: Mineweb: S&P downgrades French nuclear-uranium giant AREVA on weakened profitability: The decision of France’s AREVA to take a €400mn charge on its Finnish nuclear reactor project, combined with a planned French nuclear plant shutdown is hurting AREVA’s bottom line:

2009 November 25: Businessweek: The Squabble over France’s AREVA: A government plan to sell part of nuclear energy giant AREVA has set off sparks:

2009 March 29: Harvey Wasserman: The Catastrophic Economics of Nuclear Power:

2009 May 28: The New York Times: In Finland, Nuclear Renaissance Runs Into Trouble:

2009 March 19: Harvey Wasserman: AREVA’s Money Meltdown: The Crash of France’s Nuclear Poster Child:

2009 February 4: Reuters: Areva wins India nuclear deal worth at least $10 bln:

2008 December 5: The Guardian (London): Extracting a disaster: The effects of uranium mining are disastrous. To minimise the risks, the nuclear supply chain needs independent auditing:

More news items on AREVA are available at the World Information Service on Energy (WISE)’s ‘AREVA Hall of Infamy’: